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Kitchavent Summary

Kitchavent Summary
May 26, 2020


Date: 5th September 2017

Airclean’s odour reduction unit uses three stages of filtration in just one unit. It is used to reduce both the odours and the grease extracted and discharged by the Kitchen Exhaust System.

It is an ideal product for the smaller to medium sized fast food restaurants in both commercial and residential areas. The unit can be installed in any convenient position in the duct run from the hood to the extractor fan, taking into

Stage 1 – Grease Filter

  • Filters of this type are most commonly in a hood above the cooking equipment in a commercialkitchen. This filter is the first of two grease removal stages present in this unit.

Stage2 – F5 Bag Filter

  • We recommend a Grade F5 bag filter as the second stage of grease filtration, this is to remove any final grease particulates in the air so to protect and prolong the life of the activated carbon filter.

Stage 3 – Activated Carbon Discarb Filter

  • The activated carbon discarb filter is the third stage of filtration in the unit, and removes the odours in the air through adsorption. This unit provides a 0.1 second contact time with the air, and so is suitable for most english food cooking odours. For stronger odours, and indian food a higher specification is required.