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How long does an Activated Carbon Filter Last?

How long does an Activated Carbon Filter Last?
James Ford
December 19, 2022
Activated Carbon FIlter
Activated Carbon Filter

It is extremely difficult to calculate in advance the life expectancy of an Activated Carbon Filter. Generally speaking, accurate information regarding concentration and details of all contaminants in the airstream are not available and in any case these are often constantly changing.

However, reasonably accurate life expectancy levels can be obtained by a method known as CTC testing which is offered FREE OF CHARGE by Airclean. Either a small sample of carbon from one of the cells, or a complete panel, sealed in a plastic bag, should be returned to us together with the date of installation, and the grade / type of carbon.

From this information the contamination level will be assessed in our laboratory, which will indicate the likely remaining useful life of the carbon. This testing service takes around two weeks before results are available.

If it is not possible for you to get a sample of Activated Carbon from your exisiting filter, or if it is a new installation, Airclean can supply a “Carbon Test Sample Kit” including a Small Carbon Panel and mounting frame, which can be installed between your pre filter and Activated carbon filter. Following no less than three months of operation this can then be returned to us for Free CTC testing, and the results will give you an accurate life span of your Carbon Filter.

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