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Panel Air Filters – How do you like yours?

Panel Air Filters – How do you like yours?
James Ford
December 19, 2022

Since Airclean began manufacturing our cardboard framed panel filters they have been constructed using Cap Scrap Facias. Cap Scrap is a waste product from the manufacture of crown cap bottle tops, and has been used by the air filter industry for many years.

Cap Scrap Facias for Panel Filters
Cap Scrap – The waste material from crown cap manufacture

Cap Scrap waste material makes a practical facia for pleated and glass panel filters. With closely nested punched holes, capscrap facias have a large open face for maximum airflow at minimum resistance, whilst the remaining material provides a rigid structure that retains its strength under extreme conditions such as high moisture and high air flow velocities.

In addition to Capscrap, Airclean offer cardboard lattice facia option, which is the more common construction in the air filter industry. Airclean’s cardboard facias are manufactured from recycled cardboard, and utilise a diamond cut out design to offer the maximum open face whilst maintaining rigidity for the air filter. This style of construction makes for a fully incinerable panel air filter to meet the requirements of some industries.

Cardboard Lattice Facias
Cardboard Lattice Facias – 100% Recycled

Both construction options are available in standard and non standard panel filter sizes, for pleated, glass and synthetic options. On request you can have your air filter made exactly as you want utilising the best materials to suit your application.

To discuss which option suits your application best, or to learn more about the benefits of each style contact our technical team.