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Smoke and Odour Control for Catering Kiosks

Smoke and Odour Control for Catering Kiosks
James Ford
December 19, 2022

An increase in commercial catering kiosks opening in cities and towns across the UK has seen local authorities tightening their guidelines on the potential discharge of nuisance smoke and odour from outlets. Our technical sales teams have seen an increased demand for low profile outdoor filtration systems for catering kiosks to meet DEFRA and local authority guidelines on nuisance smoke and odour control.

odour control for catering kiosks
Low profile grease smoke and odour filters for food kiosks

Our range of low profile Kitchavents which are less than 400mm in height are proving beneficial to catering kiosk designers as they can be mouted externally on the roof without impacting the visual design of the catering booth. This low profile kitchen odour control system was originally designed to fit in low profile ceiling voids, but has found a new popularity for the semi permanent and mobile catering kiosks.

Airclean’s Kitchavents are fully welded and painted, and can have an optional weather proof roof fitted to withstand all outdoor conditions.

Airclean’s Kitchavent range offers grease, odour and smoke control for kitchen extract airflow duties from as low as 0.13m3/s up to 10m3/s.

Click here to check out our webpage and data sheet for the Kitchen Grease, Smoke and Odour Control System, or give the sales team a call to discuss your requirements – 01622 832777