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How to measure your kitchen canopy Baffle Grease Filters

How to measure your kitchen canopy Baffle Grease Filters
James Ford
October 4, 2017

Baffle Grease Filter Measuring Guide

  1. Use a good tape measure
  2. Measure all three dimensions in mm (millimetres)
  3. Write down the sizes
  4. Measure all of your baffle grease filters – you never know, one might be a different size
  5. Don’t forget to count how many filters you need.
  6. Give us a call for our best prices –   01622 832777

(If you struggle with mm, and would prefer to measure in inches this is fine too.)

measuring baffle kitchen canopy grease filters

Standard Kitchen Baffle Grease Filters

The following baffle grease filters are our standard sizes.  We generally keep these sizes in stock for quick delivery.

If you can’t find your size on the list below then give us a call, you probably need custom baffle grease filters made specially for you!

Our Standard Baffle Grease Filters are made from a polished finish Stainless Steel, and are long lasting and robust.

baffle grease filters
SizeAirflow (m3/s)P.D. (Pa)Price
ex. VAT
Part Number
OT InchesActual (mm)
16 x 16 x 2394 x 394 x 470.25125£64.631321119
20 x 10 x 2495 x 242 x 470.19125£64.631321120
20 x 16 x 2495 x 394 x 470.31125£68.111321121
20 x 20 x 2495 x 495 x 470.39125£78.701321122
18 x 18 x 2445 x 445 x 470.31125£75.681321123
24 x 24 x 2597 x 597 x 470.54125£102.921321124

Want to order?  Can’t find your size – Give our helpful team a call! 01622 832777