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Updated: The Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems (DW/172) From BESA

Updated: The Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems (DW/172) From BESA
James Ford
January 30, 2018

The awaited new revision of “The Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems (DW/172)”  from BESA (The Building Engineering Services Association) was officially launched earlier this month (January 2018).  The DW/172 is the industries go to guide for kitchen ventilation design and sets the benchmark for safe and effective ventilation in commercial kitchens.

The new revised DW/172 Specification has promised many updates since the previous 2005 version in the following key areas.

  • An updated coefficient schedule for use when determining the extract duty of a canopy.
  • A greatly needed new section on solid fuel equipment.
  • An updated lighting section.
  • A new section on “demand controlled” kitchen ventilation, which addresses increasing the use of smart technologies to aid energy efficiency in the commercial kitchen.
  • Updates in pollution control for the kitchen, including addressing the indoor air quality of the kitchen.
  • A new section on re circulation ventilation.
  • Changes and updates to cleaning and maintenance requirements of the kitchen ventilation systems.

Whilst not suggested as a key area, there have been updates in regards to grease smoke and odour control filtration in the new DW/172.

Airclean Kitchen Extract Filtration products, including Grease Filters (Seperators), Activated Carbon Filters, HEPA Filters (E10), Ozone Systems and Electrostatic Precipitators on their own or in combinations to meet the requirments of DW/172 and aid the removal of Grease, Smoke and Odour in commercial kitchen extracts.

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