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Activated Carbon Odour Control

Activated Carbon Odour Control
Jaime Graymead
January 2, 2024

Activated Carbon Odour Control
Restaurants – Ghost Kitchens – Food Factories

New Systems or Replacements

Activated Carbon is a great way to reduce odours from polluting the air wherever you discharge.

Below are Airclean’s Current range of replacement Activated Carbon Odour Control Solutions.

Activated Carbon Discarb Cell

Activated Carbon Filter Discarb Cell for kitchen extract and odour control

Full Size (2 Half Size)

Activated Carbon Discarb filter cell 1/3 smaller size 3 section design for easy installation

Site Safe (3 Third Size)

Multiple bonded carbon panels arranged in a formation to maximise airflow sealed into a galvanised steel casing to minimise air leaks.

  • Effective Odour and Gas control
  • Large Air Capacity
  • Strong Galvanised Steel Cases
  • Available with Standard or Extra Duty Carbon Panels


Activated Carbon Panels

carbon panel

Bonded Activated Carbon Panel Filter
Galvanised steel frames

loose fill grid mesh galvanised steel activated carbon panel filter for odour removal

Loose Fill Carbon Panel Filter
Grid mesh galvanised steel case

side withdrawal air filter housing hepa carbon panel bag

Kitchavent 2000 / 3000 / 4000 System
Complete Kitchen Extract Grease, Smoke and Odour Control from Kitchen Extracts

Nitrogen Dioxide NOx Filter for MVHR

NOx Filter System
Domestic Filtration System for the Removal of Nitrogen Dioxide

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