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Indoor Air Quality Monitor System

Indoor Air Quality Monitor System
Jaime Graymead
March 24, 2021

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring System for Offices, Public Spaces, Schools, Residential Homes on a rental basis (Minimum of 1 Month)

• Indoor Air Quality Monitor System
• Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Particulate Matter (PM10, and PM2.5), VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and Barometric Pressure
• Multiple Indoor Air Quality Monitors can be used together allowing for multi room, or multi site data gathering.
• Data broadcast via 3G/4G to central secure data centre
• Data visible via Online Indoor Air Quality Monitor Portal within minutes
• Data visible in graphical or table form
• Full CSV downloads of Data Available
• Plug and Play Installation, data begins recording within minutes (wi-fi or internet connection not required)
• Wall Mountable Unit (Requires a Standard Plug Socket at location).

The Air Quality Monitor System measures and monitors air quality in any indoor environment, commercial, public, or domestic space in Real-Time. The Indoor Air Quality Monitor System gives the building owner, facilities manager, or occupants the opportunity to visualise Indoor Air Quality in real time in single or multiple rooms or site.

The Indoor Air Quality Monitor System will accurately measure Temperature, Humidity, Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5), and VOCs which all attribute to the quality of the air in an indoor environment.

Online Indoor Air Quality Monitor Data Portal

Indoor Air Quality Data is sent to a central UK data centre using 3G or 4G secure data transfer.  Data is processed and stored securely allowing it to be accessed from any internet connected computer or mobile device with username and password protected login.

The Indoor Air Quality Monitor can be wall mounted in a suitable location within a room to be tested. In large spaces, or where multiple rooms or buildings are to be monitored, units can broadcast data to a single online account where data can be compared.

The Online Portal offers users the ability to quickly identify any indoor air quality anomalies affecting the building in real time.


Indoor Air Quality Monitors are rented out on a monthly basis with a minimum rental period of one month. This gives users access to the recorded Indoor Air Quality data via a dedicated website for the duration of the rental period and for 60 days after.  Additional Monitors can be added at any time,

White Label

The Indoor Air Quality Monitor can be offered as a white label, unit, or branded to suit a specific company brand, to aid identity and add value to the indoor air quality monitoring project. Branding can be included within the online presence of your data, and this could be broadcast to individuals, or publicly as required to suit your air quality monitoring project.


  • Dimensions : 200W x 175H x 60Dmm + Arial
  • Weight: 1300 grams
  • Display: Operational LCD Display Screen
  • Wall or Desk Mount Options Available
  • Standard Power Socket is required for operation within 1m.
  • Plug and Play – Sensors Require up to 72 hours to self-calibrate in a new location.
  • Unit suitable for use in the UK only at this time