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Electric Duct Heater Battery

Electric Duct Heater Battery
April 5, 2023

Electric Duct Heater Battery

– Includes 2 Thermal Cut Outs
– Stab In, or Duct Mounted Heaters Available
– Can be pre-wired
– Standard or Bespoke Sizes
– Single and 3 Phase
– Full Controls Available (Temperature and Pressure)
– Duct Mounted (Spiral or Square Flanges)

Applications for Electric Duct Heaters

The range of Duct Heaters is designed for the traditional H & V industry.

There are two predominant styles of heater, the Stab In, where a hole is cut into existing ductwork and the heating elements are slotted through the hole, and the electrical connection box fits against the duct on the outside.

Alternatively the Duct Mounted version where the unit comes as an integral part of the ductwork (Spiral or Square), which is then fitted within the duct run using the MEZ flanged system.

Description of Electric Duct Heaters

The heaters are sized to operate within a face velocity within the duct of 2 to 6 m/s.

Various configurations can be accommodated, which include single or 3 phase operation and single steps for use with a Thyristor Controller or the more traditional method of multistages, using a number of contactors.

Each unit is fitted with two auto reset thermal cut outs, which is compliant with the latest IEE wiring regulations. Manual cut outs can be fitted if preferred.

Technical Information for Electric Duct Heaters

– Thermal Cut out Set to operate at 90 C n/c
– Bus Bars Standard on multi neutral points.
– Earth Bond 6mm Diameter within casing.
– Air Velocity Range 2 to 6 m/s

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