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Jaime Graymead
August 3, 2020
  • Grease Filter Cleaning August 9, 2009

    Grease Filter Cleaning Equipment
    Grease Filter Cleaning Equipment

    Clean Grease Filters, are the key to a hygenic and efficient kitchen extract system. Airclean offer a range of products to assist you with this messy chore, providing a safe, clean, and effective solution to cleaning your Mesh and Baffle Grease Filters.


    Series 500 – Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals

    Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals are a powerful degreasing agent and its colloidal action removes oil and grease more efficiently and safely than the usual degreasing agents such as caustic or ordinary washing soda.

    A solution of the Grease Filter Cleaning Crystals can be kept for several weeks without its efficiency being impaired, so that it need not be discarded until its cleaning power has been fully utilised.


    Standard Horizontal Grease Filter Cleaning Tank


    This galvanised steel tank offers a convenient container to soak dirty mesh, or baffle grease filters in Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Solution. This container will hold up to three “2 inch” mesh or baffle grease filters or six “1 inch” filters.


    Heated Vertical Grease Filter Cleaning Tank

    The Airclean Heated Vertical Grease Filter Cleaning Tank is designed to tuck neatly under most standard kitchen work surfaces, and like the horizontal tank offers a conveniant container to soak dirty filters in Series 500 Grease Filter Cleaning Solution. In addition this tank contains a heating element to raise the temperature of the cleaning solution, offering improved cleaning. The solution can be used many times before it looses its efficiency, but once it does the solution can be released and disposed of through a drain tap located on the front of the tank.

    Click here for further details of our Grease Filter Cleaning Equipment.

    For more infomration contact our sales team at or call 01622 832777.

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  • How long does an Activated Carbon Filter Last? August 8, 2009

    Activated Carbon FIlter
    Activated Carbon Filter

    It is extremely difficult to calculate in advance the life expectancy of an Activated Carbon Filter. Generally speaking, accurate information regarding concentration and details of all contaminants in the airstream are not available and in any case these are often constantly changing.

    However, reasonably accurate life expectancy levels can be obtained by a method known as CTC testing which is offered FREE OF CHARGE by Airclean. Either a small sample of carbon from one of the cells, or a complete panel, sealed in a plastic bag, should be returned to us together with the date of installation, and the grade / type of carbon.

    From this information the contamination level will be assessed in our laboratory, which will indicate the likely remaining useful life of the carbon. This testing service takes around two weeks before results are available.

    If it is not possible for you to get a sample of Activated Carbon from your exisiting filter, or if it is a new installation, Airclean can supply a “Carbon Test Sample Kit” including a Small Carbon Panel and mounting frame, which can be installed between your pre filter and Activated carbon filter. Following no less than three months of operation this can then be returned to us for Free CTC testing, and the results will give you an accurate life span of your Carbon Filter.

    Contact sales for more information.

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  • Kitchen Extract Solutions from Airclean May 4, 2009

    Kitchen Extract Solutions

    Kitchen Extracts in commercial kitchens are designed to provide operatives with a safe and comfortable working environment.
    To achieve this, the by products of cooking must be removed from the cooking area including heat, humidity, grease, smoke and odour.

    These are removed from the cooking area by the kitchen extract and are usually discharged outside of the building. This discharge point can be at high level, but is often at low level, and in an area where the products of discharge can cause a nuisance.

    It is increasingly common for establishments to take responsibility for the discharge of the nuisance caused by the products of cooking. When prospective entrepreneurs seek planning advice from local authorities to open a new restaurant, demands will often be made of them to offer grease, smoke and odour control.

    Airclean have been successfully manufacturing highly effective products for Kitchen Extracts at its Kent based Factory for over fifteen years. These products include Baffle, Mesh, HEPA, and Activated Carbon filters to control grease, smoke and odour emissions from kitchens minimizing any impact they have on their surroundings.

    Airclean have now increased their product range to include some new alternatives which are being sought out by installers, restaurant owners, designers, and the local authority. These products include UV Ozone Technology, Electrostatic Precipitators, and Atomising Odour Maskers / Neutralisers to deal with the nuisances.

    These new products can offer many benefits to the extract designer for both the new installations, and retrofit situations including, size, weight, air resistance, capital and revenue costs along with environmental benefits, and they are being included to compliment the classic products that Airclean have always manufactured.

    The classic 2, 3 and 4 Stage Kitchavent Filtration Systems are ever increasing in its popularity as a simple all-in-one solution incorporating grease, smoke and odour control, and to enhance this further, a new product is also being launched, the Kitchen Extract Air Handling Unit.

    The Kitchen Extract Air Handling Unit utilises Activated Carbon and HEPA filtration technology from the Kitchavent, combining this with a fan and attenuator, all mounted within a double skinned aluminium pentapost box to offer the complete kitchen extract system.

    All of the products mentioned are now available from Airclean, and further information and selection aids can be found online, or by making a request for our new brochure Kitchen Extract Solutions, which outlines the technical details of all of the products in the Airclean Kitchen Extract Range.

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  • Technical Information – Available to you April 21, 2009

    On our quest to bring you relevant and useful technical information we want to take the opportunity to direct you to our Technical Bulletins section of our website. Here you will find PDF documents on a range of documents we offer about air filters, and our industry that we often consult, and think you may find useful too.

    This includes the following ……

    Odour Reduction from Catering Establishments
    Flame Retardancy
    Conversion Factors
    Filter Grading
    Cleanroom Standards and Comparisons
    Noise Pressure Levels
    Recommended Air Changes

    In addition to this on our Technical Bulletins page you will find a historical collection of Airclean’s Product Bulletins, which we have sent to many of our customers over the past two years. Airclean Product Bulletins showcase some of our lesser known Air Filter products in a punchy and easily digestible manner, and are designed to keep our customers informed of air filtration solutions that are available from Airclean.

    Click here to view our Technical Bulletins

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  • Airclean – The Legend in Your Time April 16, 2009

    Since 1981 Airclean has been manufacturing a full range of Air Filters for the Heating and Ventilation industry along with that for Air Conditioning Industries’ more special requirements.

    The range of Air Filters has been enlarged to encompass all variations of Disposable Panel Filters, Washables, Grease and Bag Filters, Activated Carbon Cells, Absolutes, Roll Filters and Media in pads or rolls along with a comprehensive range of Filter Housings and Duct Mounted Casings.

    To meet the growth in the  Fast Food Industry, Airclean has broadened its range of Grease Filters and Activated Carbon products to suit this particular market, where grease laden atmospheres are a potential fire hazard and can cause an odour nuisance.

    Through the national distribution network of Airclean, the majority of filters we manufacture are available either ex-stock or within a few working days.

    At Airclean we endeavour at all times to meet our customers’ needs by supplying a quality assured product without unneccessary delays whilst improving the range of Air Filter products that we offer you.

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